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Small batch trial assembly and trial production management procedure for new products (IATF16949-2016/ISO9001:2015)

1.0 Scope

1.1 This standard specifies the small batch online trial assembly process for developing new product tooling samples, verifies the quality stability and confirms the design of the first batch of tooling samples before batch trial production, and reviews and confirms the technical preparation for new product transfer to batch trial production.

1.2 This standard is applicable to the verification of tooling samples that have completed design finalization in the development of new products for complete vehicles or system components.

2.0 Terminology

2.1 Tooling sample: It refers to the auto parts produced by the supporting cooperative factory according to the specified drawings, technical documents and formal process documents, which can meet the requirements of mass production.

2.2 Small batch trial assembly: in order to verify the process feasibility and product quality of newly developed auto parts tooling samples, 3-5 sets of new products are put into production and assembled.

3.0 Responsibilities

3.1 Product R&D Department: responsible for the formulation and distribution of drawings, technical standards and other relevant technical documents of new products, as well as the organization, coordination, verification, tracking and design changes of small batch trial assembly of new products; Be responsible for the procurement of new product samples and small batch trial assemblies, and the management of new product data and archives.

3.2 Technology Department: responsible for the preparation of process documents, process validation and tooling assurance before new products are put into production.

3.3 Production Department: responsible for the production organization and scheduling of new products’ online trial assembly.

3.4 Quality Department: be responsible for the verification of the assembly quality of new products and the preparation of inspection documents.

3.5 Manufacturer: responsible for the online trial assembly of new products.

3.6 The Information Department is responsible for the preparation and adjustment of material codes

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