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FNYBB.INC offers a wide range of OEM/ODM customized E-cig products, including various electronic cigarette products such as CBD/POD/ATOMIZER/MOD. After years of development,FNYBB.INC has accumulated rich R&D experience and mature customization processes in the electronic cigarette industry, and its business scope has spread to more than 20 countries and regions around the world.

R&D and technical strength are fundamental guarantees for providing high quality OEM/ODM services to customers. FNYBB.INC has an excellent and mature technical team. It has set up a research and development center in Shenzhen headquarters. There are more than 10 R&D personnel, all of whom have college education or above, which guarantees the company’s research and development strength and technical level. Since the establishment of the company, a large number of high-precision products have been launched, which have been well received by the industry.

FNYBB.INC has built more than 1,000 square meters of R&D laboratories and production workshops to provide good hardware support for product development and production. The manufacturing facilities have passed ISO-9001 certification. The company has perfect testing, production and research conditions and has purchased leading test and analysis instruments and production equipment. We provide customers with high-quality production and processing services with excellent production and processing capabilities.


  • Confirmation Vape of both qualifications,
  • Determination of cooperation intention of e cigarette,
  • Confirmation of Vape product design,
  • Confirmation of vape packaging specifications.


  • Confirm order details,
  • Confirm settlement method,
  • Confirm liability for breach of contract,
  • Other related matters.


  • E cig Packaging material confirmation,
  • E cig Packaging compliance confirmation, Sample confirmation,
  • E cig Production execution confirmation.


  • Inspection report,
  • Payment settlement,
  • Logistics tracking,
  • After-sales service.

Our OEM/ODM team spares no effort to meet the needs of all our customers, whether it’s project development, application solutions, or technical support, with customer needs as their top priority. In addition, we also provide you with comprehensive after-sales service, so that you have no worries. With FNYBB.INC, you will get a reliable R&D, design and production specialist. FNYBB.INC will be sincerely at your service.

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