Wax Vaporizer

Melter CBD Battery CBD Vaporizer

Item No.: SSSP20172061231
Min.Order Quantity: 50 Set/Sets
Supply Ability: 220000 Set/Sets per Month
Port: Shenzhen
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Dimension: H82*D18mm
  • Battery: 1400mAh
  • Adjustable voltage: 3.0~4.2V
  • Cartridge: Wax Cartridge
  • Volume: 0.5ml
  • Description Color type Packing


    Product specification parameters:

    1. Product function: WAX atomizer The size of the wild 510 threaded interface product is Φ22mm*108.6mm
    2. The surface treatment of the product is electroplating, baking varnish, colourful plating, silk screen, laser engraving and other processes.
    3. Bare metal weight: 114.66g (including three titanium atomized core) plus packaging superheated plastic total weight 231 g

    Battery function:

    1. Product support resistance range is 0.2-2Ω
    2. Product battery capacity is 1400mah
    3. The switch mode is five open and five off in 2.5 seconds. Voltage indication: 3.0-3.4V red LED light, 3.5-3.8V blue LED light, 3.9-4.2V white LED light
    4. No atomizer access (open circuit), press the button to work, the LED lights all flash twice, no output
    5. When the atomizer is short-circuited, the LED lights all flash 3 times, no output.
    6. Timeout protection for 15 seconds, LED flashes 8 times, enters standby after the output is turned off
    7. When the battery voltage is lower than 3v, press the red light of the button to flash 5 times, indicating that charging is required, the charging voltage is 5V, and the current is 750mA.
    8. The red light is on when charging, the green light is long after being fully charged, and the voltage is 4.15v when fully charged.

    Nebulizer features:

    1. Beautiful appearance, glass cover above the atomizer, visible smoke
    2. A variety of atomizing heads are available to suit more people
    3. The atomizer magnet is plugged in and easy to use.
    4. Inlet airflow is adjustable to adapt to more smoking methods
    5. The glass bin is detachable for easy cleaning
    6. The bottom of the battery is equipped with an isolated WAX bin, which can carry two kinds of WAX with the electronic cigarette. This structure patent application
    7. Anti-sputter pot

    Atomizing head:

    1. Three titanium atomizing head features
    A.  pure titanium taste pure
    B. three heating wires with quartz rods, large heating area, full atomization
    C. best use power: 16~25W, TC: 300~450F (149~232°C)
    2. Donut atomizing head
    A ceramic heating element, pure taste, not dry
    B has a self-cleaning function, dry burning red for ten seconds, and the doughnut is as clean as new
    C best use power: 20~25W, TC: 280~380F (138~193°C)