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October 28, 2022

A new blog from the Cochrane Research Group called “Evidently Cochrane” helps to share facts about various health topics.

evidently cochrane

Cochrane is an international network with UK headquarters and is a registered “Not For Profit” organisation.

They share research and evidence on many topics – one of which is smoking and vaping as we have reported on in the past.

The blog was created to make evidence based research more accessible – which I do appreciate as some of the long winded scientific reports make my brain hurt!

Cochrane Blog

The Evidently Cochrane “How to quit Smoking” blog section uses Cochrane research evidence and is collated by Robert Walton a General Practioner (GP) and a UK Senior Fellow in the Cochrane Group.

In a new @CochraneUK blog for people wanting to stop smoking GP @rtwalton123 looks at @CochraneTAG evidence on the safety and effectiveness of nicotine replacement therapy and vaping. With links to more evidence-based information to help you quit

— The Cochrane Library (@CochraneLibrary) October 25, 2022

It examines all the possible methods to quit and even some “Take home points” to get the most relevant points across easily.

evidently cochrane take home

It covers NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy), Vaping (very positive about vaping!!) plus information on smoking and mental health and pregnancy.

If you or anyone you know wants to see facts on vaping and other methods of quitting smoking with links to evidence to back this up, visit the site here – evidently Cochrane – how to stop smoking.

Oh and there are plenty of other health topics you can look into whilst on there!

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