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Cancer Society Calls For Vape Ad Ban – Air Pollution Deadlier Than Smoking and Vaping – Big Tobacco Stops E-cig Production – Celebrity Doctor Says “Go Vape!” – Repentant Vape Thief Forgiven – Vape Shop Feeds Stray Dogs and JUUL BANS Vaping!

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Canadian Cancer Society Wants To Ban E-Cig Advertising

Despite a drop in teen smoking and vaping in most of the western world new data suggests a rise in the numbers in Canada and this means e-cigarette advertising should be banned says the Cancer Society.

However if you dig into the numbers you’ll see that 17% of young Canadians were former smokers who have made the switch.

And despite Cancer Research UK promoting vaping as a ‘healthier’ alternative to smoking – their Canadian counterparts are not convinced.


Donna Pasiechnik, a health policy analyst for the CCS in Saskatchewan said last week that whilst she agreed e-cigs were less harmful – they were still an unknown quantity and carried risk adding:

Our concern is that vaping has the potential to undo all the work we’ve done to reduce smoking rates in Canada by hooking another generation of kids to nicotine.

It’s a tired argument that has been proven wrong many times however that’s not stopping the CCS calling for a total ban on all vape advertising and is calling on the Government to amend the Tobacco Act.

A government spokesman said:

We are continuing to monitor the effectiveness of the federal legislation and the approaches in other provinces.Through collective action, our goal is to protect the health of Saskatchewan people and make it easier for them to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Canada ‘legalized’ e-cigs back in May this year.


Air Pollution Bigger Killer Than Tobacco

As India continues its countrywide rampage on banning e-cigarettes new data shows air pollution kills more people than smoking.

In fact people in India as almost twice as likely to die from breathing in the air outside and indoors than if they were smokers.

Scientist have found that over 1 million premature deaths were reported last year as a direct result of air pollution coming out at 11% whilst tobacco claimed around 6%.

Now just imagine how many smokers lives could be saved IF the government did a u-turn on the vape ban policy currently being rolled out.

Crazy times we live in especially when you see a vape shop was raided in Hyderabad last week resulting in the arrest of the businessmen behind the store 🙁


Big Tobacco Company Shuts Down E-cig Brands But Eyes JUUL

Altria – the parent company of Phillip Morris Inc the team behind the IQOS brand is to stop manufacturing Mark Ten and Green Smoke vape products and are looking at buying into JUUL.

A company spokesman said the decision to close down the two brands was due to both poor sales and issues surrounding new FDA regulations – the move will cost them around $200million.

Green Smoke Starter Kit

Altria CEO Howard Willard said they now planned to ‘refocus its resources on more compelling reduced-risk tobacco product opportunities’ and added:

We remain committed to being the leader in providing adult smokers innovative alternative products that reduce risk, including e-vapor. We do not see a path to leadership with these particular products and believe that now is the time to refocus our resources.

The company is still waiting on a decision from the FDA to market its IQOS device in the States and given its share price has fallen by almost a quarter this year a buy in of the JUUL brand would certainly put them back in the vaping game.

Altria has also recently invested $1.8billion in the Cromos Group a company specializing in cannabis products giving them 45% of the shares.


‘Celebrity’ UK Doctor Says Go Vape!

I think he was once voted ‘sexiest doctor on TV’ and now Dr Hilary Jones says he’s fully behind smokers switching to vaping.

In a piece he wrote for the UK’s Sun newspaper – a publication that seems to gleefully report on fake vape news – he comes out as a real advocate with the opening paragraphs leaving readers in no doubt that e-cigarettes are healthier than smoking:

vaping best way to quit smoking

MANY people still believe that vaping is just as bad for you as smoking ordinary cigarettes.

But it isn’t.

They also think that because you are inhaling nicotine in the vapour of e-cigarettes you are just as likely to get lung cancer as you would smoking tobacco.

You are not.

There are also worries that vaping will act as a gateway for young people, who have never smoked, to progress to traditional cigarettes and ruin their health as a result.

They are fears, too, that it will “normalise” smoking again just when public health campaigns are managing to help more people permanently quit smoking than ever before.

All the evidence, however, says that this just is not the case.

It’s a great read and thanks to our Michelle for spotting it 🙂


Repentant Vape Thief Returns Stolen Kits

After seeing a video of herself stealing two vape kits splashed over social media the female thief had a pang of conscience and returned them to the forgiving vape shop owner.

The theft occurred last week in the Vape Vision shop in Coseley near Birmingham UK.

Within hours of the video going live shop owner had found out the woman’s name and was about to ring the police…however…

vape vison cosely
pic via: Birmingham Live

The woman rang him and burst into tears apologizing profusely and said she wanted to return her ill gotten gains.

Wayne said:

By 6pm on Thursday I had been given the name of who it was and a Facebook profile link. I was going to pass on to the police .But at 10am on Friday I had a phone call at work from the lady who stole the items.

She was upset and very apologetic. She had posted the items and left a note of apology also. I was shocked when she rang me.

She also told me her boss had seen the shared posts and had lost her job because of it. If that’s true I don’t know.

I was glad we got the items back but, after the letter of apology and the phone call, I can’t quite bring myself to give her name to the police , I know I should.

I’m the sort of person that if someone came into my shop and wanted to quit smoking but couldn’t quite afford a kit, I’d give them one for free.

What a genuinely nice guy…and showing the true meaning of #vapefam…


…and finally…Vape Shop Feeds Stray Dogs

Now here’s a feel good story that will have all dog lovers…especially our Michelle…wagging their tails with glee.

Dr Vape – a vape shop in the city of Prishtina in Kosovo – has teamed up with a pizza restaurant to feed the city’s rampant stray dogs.

pic via: Prishtina Insight

The pooches won’t be getting extra pepperoni pizzas instead both companies are donating proceeds from their profits to supply dog food!

The city has installed ‘feed stations’ where the strays can stop off for a bite to eat 🙂

Aww how sweet is that!


…Footnote…Irony Alert!!!

I don’t like giving JUUL mentions after how they’ve shafted the vape industry…however this made me chuckle in an ironic sort of way lol…

JUUL has banned its employees from vaping on company premises…

File that one under sh!te you really and I mean really couldn’t make up…*sighs*

*Shuffles Papers*

BTW…there will be no vaping news next Sunday – but keep an eye out for our News Review of the Year popping up over the festive period 😉

Merry Christmas!

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